Entry #1

Hey everyone !

2016-02-07 04:31:15 by Aquatias

Hey everyone, this is Aqua here, sometime I may post something here, but this probably wont happen too frequently :P btw I am a Geometry Dash player, you can check out my level 'Frozen Space' :)


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2016-06-06 12:02:46

Ooh ye I couldnt respond to you in the Comment section So here it is

I am waiting for 2.1 And then Im gonna start building the level, Please tell me When You are finished with your version.THEN Im gonna start building
Also Thx for responding :^)

Or I though about something crazy...Can we do a collab?

Aquatias responds:

Thanks for using if after me it's really nice :D also I really don't know about collabs since I'm very busy with school and I've got many collabs already, I'll see :)


2016-10-05 17:18:30